Saturday, July 14, 2012

A lush July...

As I walked into the garden this morning, I was amused to see the doves making the most of the puddles on the path to the house and having a good communial bath. This rain ain't all bad it seems!

Harvesting has kicked off in our kitchen garden, picking broad beans, sugar snap peas, spinach and beetroot for the restaurant to use in their menu.

And, if any of you are Gardener's Question Time listeners, I was at Hampton Court Flower Show last week and asked Bob a question about aphids should you wish to catch the programme on 'iplayer'.
We're also busy deadheading our herbaceous plants in the hope of another florish before the 'summer' (ish) is through, working our way through the Hesperis, Campanula and Aconitum at the moment.

Finally, for those of you who have been following my blog, this is sadly my last one for Snowshill as I will be leaving the gardens at the end of this week. Thanks to those of you who have left comments and I hope what I have written has been of interest....who knows, maybe you'll find me amongst a row of beetroot in another garden one day.

Right, sun's out...I'm off!

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