Friday, May 4, 2012

A stroll in the rain is good for the soul

As the seemingly bottomless rain clouds continue to drop upon the gardens here at Snowshill, I thought it was time to update the blog with some news of what we've been doing outside...that is, in between our moments of drying out!

With the rain comes rapidly growing shoots, so we've been tying in Clematis and staking other perennials (predominantly Phlox, Aster and Thalictrum) with hazel branches. Hazel is brillant for several reasons. One; it is grown on the property and is therefore a natural, cost effective resource. Two; by bending the branches, you can easily weave it into the shape you want without the need for string or ties. And finally (though I'm sure there's plenty more reasons), it blends well into the garden setting - much more pleasing to the eye than garden canes!

I remember my garden history teacher saying that the best time to explore a garden is in the rain. I think I agree; it is the time you get the true colours and scents of what surrounds you. And this week we've started the garden storytelling talks; not only do they bring the garden to life, they also help to make sense of the place, to understandwhy it looks, feels, smells and sounds the way it does. Whether it is in the rain or sunshine, come listen, learn, enjoy and explore our gardens soon.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about using hazel branches rather than canes. I shall try to employ that technique in my new garden :)