Friday, March 30, 2012

A fox with a fetish

It is the day before opening! And the garden is about there; paths cleaned, grass re-turfed and mowed, (most) beds mulched with rich, homegrown compost, seeds sown for the veg garden, busy, busy, busy. As the trees and shrubs bud up, delight is had watching them open towards the sun. And what sunshine it has been...lugging wheelbarrows of compost up the Long Border in the midday sun, I'm quickly reminded that it is still March as I see all the wonderful daffs out in the orchard.

And we've a new challenge in the garden...Whereas last month it was pheasants digging up bulbs, now it seems to be (a rather stinky) Mr Fox munching away at our tulip bulbs! Fortunately, he missed a few (or was full up!) so there are still some to admire.

Let the drawbridge rise....

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